The Division’s executive board is comprised of nine members: the Chair, Vice- Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Chair-Elect or Vice- Chair Elect and five Executive Counselors.  Descriptions of the positions can be found in the Division’s constitution, posted on the about page.

Current officers:


Robert J. Sampson, Harvard University


Elizabeth Groff, Temple University


Alyssa Chamberlain, Arizona  State University

Executive Counselors:

Martin Andresen, Simon Fraser University, Chair of Communications Committee

Paul Bellair, Ohio State University, Chair of Awards Committee

Kevin Drakulich, Northeastern University, Chair of Program Committee

Rebecca Wickes, Monash  University, Chair of the Publications Committee

Emily Wright, University of Nebraska-Omaha, Chair of Nominations Committee

Past officers:

Barbara Warner, Georgia State University, led the successful effort to establish the Division of Communities and Place.