Communities and Place

Welcome to Communities and Place, a Division of the American Society of Criminology.

The mission of the Division of Communities and Place is to support the development of theory, research, and policy regarding the effects of both community context (such as social structure, culture, and social processes) and place (such as the built, social, cultural and physical environment) on crime rates, hot spots, and crime control. The Division is grounded in the historical fact that crime varies by place, and seeks to develop the best methods and strategies for understanding and addressing the causes and consequences of crime within communities and at specific geographic locations.

To achieve its mission, the division seeks to foster and promote research and enhance communication and partnerships among scholars, students, practitioners, policy makers and community members.  We anticipate organizing and promoting ASC conference sessions and pre-conference Workshops related to community and place issues, and supporting the development and growth of junior and senior scholars alike.

Please join the division ($20, $5 for students) as part of your membership in the American Society of Criminology.