The 2018 Committees

Thanks to the large number of people who volunteered for DCP committees.  Below please find the current committee members.

Name Affiliation Email
Publication Committee—Rebecca Wicks (Chair)
Jeffrey Walker University of Alabama, Birmingham
Kelly Frailing Loyola University
Casey Harris University of Arkansas
Alexis Harper Texas A&M
Eileen Ahlin Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg
Nominations Committee—Emily Wright (Chair)
Graham Ousey William & Mary
Jacob Becker Oakland University
Tarah Hodgkinson Simon Fraser
Communications Committee—Martin Andresen (Chair)
Katie Wuschke Portland State University
Roderick Jones Western Kentucky University
Andrew Wheeler UT Dallas
Julie Hibdon Southern Illinois University
Awards Committee—Paul Bellair (Chair)
Tom McNulty Georgia State
Joao Antunes Towson University
Jeff Roth Pennsylvania State University
Ben Feldmeyer University of Cincinnati
Corina Graif Pennsylvania State University
Program Committee—Kevin Drakulich (Chair)
Lyndsay Boggess University of South Florida
Josh Hinkle Georgia State University

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