Announcing the Inaugural Board

Announcing the Inaugural Board for the ASC Division of Communities and Place


We are very excited about the new Division of Communities and Place within the ASC. This November in Philadelphia we will have our inaugural meeting (Thursday, Nov 16 at 2pm), followed by a Division social at the Field House (Thursday, Nov 16 at 4:30pm). Please join us to learn about the Division’s mission and goals for the future.

The inaugural Board is now officially in place. The members of the Board have been working hard over the past year to get the Division up and running, and we are certain they will continue to successfully lead the Division. Elections for the Chair and three Executive Counselor positions will be held in 2018. If you would like to get involved in the Division, email the chair of the Committee (see below) or volunteer for one of the Committees at the General Meeting. We look forward to your involvement.


Robert J. Sampson, Harvard University


Elizabeth Groff, Temple University


Alyssa Chamberlain, Arizona  State University

Executive Counselors:

Martin Andresen, Simon Fraser University, Chair of Communications Committee

Paul Bellair, Ohio State University, Chair of Awards Committee

Kevin Drakulich, Northeastern University, Chair of Program Committee

Rebecca Wickes, Monash  University, Chair of the Publications Committee

Emily Wright, University of Nebraska-Omaha, Chair of Nominations Committee

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